Bob Sizoo


  • 123 x 345
  • Oil Painting
  • €

A reimagined version of a piece by Paul Rubens dating from 1639.
This piece is a reflection of our current time. What role does technology occupy in the natural world? How do the two remain in harmony with one another? Do they?

In the realm of an open and free Internet, the term "walled garden" refers to a browsing environment where users are restricted to certain content on a website (i.e. you're only allowed to navigate to particular areas of the website, and others are blocked off). The main purpose of creating a walled garden is to shield users from certain kinds of information.

Looking further back in history – to the literature of the Persians – one finds the word "garden" to be equated with "paradise" (paridaiza). To the Persians, a garden surrounded by walls symbolized the intersection of natural and human conceptions of beauty.

You could argue that today this harmony is at risk due to the unintended consequences of our technological creations, which disrupt the balance between natural and human creations.

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